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88 Irregular Verb Cards For Language Learners (Physical Product)


Discover the essential companion for language enthusiasts, students, and professionals alike. Our meticulously crafted set of 88 irregular verb cards is your passport to mastering English with ease.


Are you struggling with the twists and turns of English irregular verbs? We know how challenging and sometimes frustrating it can be to master a new language. That’s why we’ve created something special for you. Imagine holding the key to unlocking the English language in the palm of your hand. Our set of 88 irregular verbs flashcards is not just another learning tool; it’s your passport to mastering English with ease and joy.

The 88 irregular verbs are grouped into 10 categories, each represented by an alphabet letter from A to J. These groups are based on common irregular verb patterns. Each group of irregular verbs is assigned a specific colour to help you easily differentiate between them. We have included 88 motivational quotes from renowned authors to inspire and encourage your learning journey. Each quote contains an irregular verb in its infinitive form or present tense.

Our unique set of flashcards is crafted to cater to every learner’s style, whether you’re a visual learner, thrive on associative learning, or have a different approach altogether. Each of the 88 cards is packed with:

  • Modern, relatable images that make learning visually appealing.
  • Captivating, intuitive photography that sparks curiosity and enhances memory retention.
  • Quotes that not only enrich your language skills but also deepen your understanding of the English language.

These cards are more than just a learning aid; they’re a versatile teaching instrument designed to ease the process of learning English for non-native speakers. They are perfect for a wide range of teaching activities aimed at both mental and emotional development.


Each card in our set is a stepping stone to:

  1. Building robust vocabulary skills, setting a solid foundation for your language journey.
  2. Improving comprehension, enabling you to grasp and use irregular verbs with confidence.
  3. Practising speech and diction, ensuring you sound more like a native speaker every day.
  4. Enhancing memory, thanks to the associative and visual cues on each card.
  5. Creating connections, not just between words and their meanings, but also between you and the language.

Whether you’re a language learner looking to bolster your skills, a teacher seeking practical resources, or simply a curious mind eager to dive into the depths of English, these cards are your ideal companion.

How can you use them?

  • Visual aids: utilise the images on each card to aid in memorising the irregular verbs. These images serve as an additional tool for memorisation.
  • Motivational quotes: read the examples aloud, focusing on meaning, verb pattern, and pronunciation.
  • Guidance from Creative English Language Academy: if you’re enrolled in Creative English Language Academy’s courses, our dedicated teachers will provide guidance and support throughout your English learning process.

Within the package, you’ll also find several CREATIVE AND INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES that will make learning irregular verbs engaging and enjoyable, significantly improving your English language skills. Experiment with different methods to find the ones that work best for you!


  1. Improve your language skills: strengthen and elevate your command of English effortlessly.
  2. Polish your grammar & achieve excellence: express yourself with skyrocketing accuracy by learning 88 irregular verbs followed by appropriate examples with highlighted adverbs used with past simple and present perfect tenses for a better understanding.
  3. Enhance your working memory: effortlessly remember a collection of 88 irregular verbs grouped by categories and emphasised with visuals & relevant examples.
  4. Enrich your vocabulary: learn through 88 famous quotes where the verb is used in the infinitive form or present tense.
  5. Expand horizons and deepen understanding: explore global wisdom with 88 unveiled authors.

Don’t let the challenge of irregular verbs hold you back any longer. Order your set of 88 irregular verb cards today and embark on a journey to linguistic excellence!

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