Our partnership with EventUp symbolizes our love for the community, for personal development, and for the culture that unites us. This partnership comes not only to celebrate the common values that define us – professionalism, creativity, uniqueness, and ethics – but also to facilitate the integration of Romanians in the UK, improving access to culture and the English language in the most accessible and personal way possible.

The collaboration between CELA and YourBrainiac has proven to be nothing short of extraordinary. At the heart of this dynamic partnership lies Denisa Dragoi, a true expert in marketing, consultancy sessions, design and image of CELA, copywriting, strategy, email marketing, educational product development, and huge guidance!

CELA is thrilled to partner with Manole.co.uk, the go-to platform for Romanian craftsmen in the UK. Our collaboration helps support the Romanian community by offering top-notch English education and promoting Romanian services and entrepreneurs. Together, we’re making a real difference for Romanians in the UK. Thank you, Manole.co.uk, for this fantastic partnership!