Inspire And Uplift

At Creative English Language Academy, we don’t just teach languages; we inspire and uplift. Our professors’ genuine passion, unwavering authenticity, boundless empathy, profound knowledge, and unwavering professionalism make them not just teachers buttrue mentors and guides.

In 2020, Sanda transformed her vision into reality by founding our online school, dedicated to empowering learners with English proficiency. What started as a business plan during her first year of university studies in the UK (majoring in Business and Human Resource Management) has now become her life’s work.

From 2020 until today, she has assembled a team of passionate and formally trained educators who share her commitment to delivering exceptional English language education. The results speak for themselves:

Onboard to excellence

We propel your English skills, serving as your co-pilots on this linguistic journey.

Elevate your English

Clear the path for language ascension and rise above the rest.

Flight to fluency

Soar beyond limits and prepare for language takeoff.

Our Achievements In Numbers

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Over 3000 satisfied students in the first three years of our launch
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More than 240 short and long-term courses organized to date
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Degree of satisfaction: 98%
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Degree of confidence: High

At CELA, we employ innovative and effective teaching methods to ensure our students achieve their language learning goals.

Points Of You

We are proud to integrate Points Of You in our face-to-face workshops – a powerful method that harnesses the language of photos to ignite imagination, trigger intuition, and provoke meaningful dialogue. Led by our internationally accredited Points of You tutor – Diana Șușman, and English Language Expert Sanda Beniamines, this science-backed technique fosters transformative communication and collaboration among participants.

Through interactive workshops, we create a space for individuals to speak up, fostering performance and well-being. Participants in our face-to-face general English workshops perceive our sessions as dynamic performances – where they experience, observe, and actively participate. We aim to shake things up, open new possibilities, and nurture heart-to-heart connections.

The Silent Way Method

At CELA, we are committed to providing an enriching and supportive learning environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential. We do this mainly through the Silent Way – a teaching approach developed by Caleb Gattegno.

This method emphasises learner autonomy and active student participation by making extensive use of silence as a teaching tool. Our instructors guide and teach students using a combination of silence and gestures, encouraging them to correct their own errors and actively engage in the learning process.

Our resources and materials

We believe that the materials we use play a crucial role in fostering meaningful and impactful learning experiences. We believe in the importance of personalising our approach to ensure that every lesson is relevant, engaging, and effective.

By learning with real-life English materials and receiving personalised guidance and feedback, you can make tangible progress and achieve your language learning goals.

We pride ourselves on the resources we have carefully developed in-house for you to improve your language skills, no matter your learning style and your previous learning experiences. While attending our academy, you will use:


Interactive Multimedia

Daily blogs, newspapers, stories, articles and vlogs

Audio Recordings

Video Tutorials and educational clips

Flashcards and memory games for vocabulary retention

Role-playing scenarios


Other tools and techniques

Discover more about our exceptional team of native and non-native English teachers, all trained in the UK to deliver excellent language instruction tailored to your specific needs.