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Frequently Asked Questions.

Registrations take place every Friday, through an interview conducted in English, to discuss your particular situation, details and needs.

The courses are held throughout the year. The timetable we provide you with is flexible, so you can choose whether you want to study in the morning, afternoon or evening (we establish the way of organizing the activities in agreement with our students). The duration of the courses varies, depending on the type of course you choose.

The duration of the training, however, is conditioned by the involvement and determination you demonstrate, attendance, previous knowledge and recorded progress.
Creative English Language Academy (C.E.L.A.) teachers are trained, qualified and accredited to teach English to speakers of other languages. The C.E.L.A. team is composed of both native English speaking specialists and teachers with international experience in teaching this language. You will benefit from 2 tutors during the courses – one native and one non-native speaker, which guarantees a complex and complete learning experience.
Our working materials are BBC, British Council, National Geographic, Oxford, Cambridge, Ted Talk materials. To improve your reading skills, we offer English literature books adapted to your level. As our approach is student-centred, we use flashcards, puzzles, role play and other techniques to facilitate the development of knowledge in an enjoyable and engaging way.
The learning experience at Creative English Language Academy (C.E.L.A.) is highlighted by its student-centeredness. Since the main objective is your progress and evolution, during the course you will receive: Placement test – which allows the evaluation of your initial level of knowledge; Review tests – which enable and stimulate you to correct your errors, fix your knowledge and further develop your English skills; Personalized feedback – you will have a dedicated tutor who will constantly monitor you and who will provide a personalized report on the progress made during the course; Final test – to support you, we make sure that at the end of the courses you will benefit from a recap test, designed to fix the acquired information even better.
It is possible to study for both exams at the same time (in different groups, on different days), because these two exams are complementary. In this case, however, it will be necessary to devote a significant amount of time to individual training and to ensure that you always have a correct and well-centered focus, with well-defined goals.

All our students will receive, at the end of any of the courses, a Certificate of Participation.

At the end of the course, you will have both general and specific benefits:

  • You learn to communicate fluently by using a richer, more advanced vocabulary;
  • You improve the accuracy with which you express yourself, minimizing the risk of confusion in conversations;
  • You develop confidence in speaking up and participating in conversations, while you will feel relaxed and more confident when expressing yourself;
  • You improve your grammar knowledge.

The investment in our courses covers the value of all the services we offer. Investing in your future at the Creative English Language Academy (C.E.L.A.), you get:

  • initial assessment test;
  • placement interview;
  • course materials;
  • additional study/homework materials adapted to your individual needs;
  • access to downloadable Zoom recordings for review;
  • constant monitoring of you progress;
  • personalized report in this regard;
  • certificate of participation;
  • practical and theoretical experience of native and non-native teachers, who use learning methods and techniques adapted to your needs;
  • guidance and support.

Instead of a full refund, you will be granted a voucher that you can use for a year or that you can give as a gift to someone else. If for some reason you won’t be able to use the voucher, make sure you gift it to a friend who wants to improve their professional life by acquiring new English skills – just like the over 1500 satisfied students who have already did.