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Unleash your English within (General English workshop)


About Course

About The Workshop

Welcome aboard to the “Unleash your English within” workshop – a unique experience that will take your English skills to new heights while propelling you towards personal and professional success.

In our workshop, success is your destination. We’ll equip you with the skills needed to confidently navigate through diverse English-speaking environments. Whether it’s professional interactions, academic pursuits, or social conversations, you’ll be well-prepared.

Just as a skilled pilot fine-tunes their aircraft, this workshop leverages the Points of You method to refine your language proficiency, ignite your creativity, and chart a course for self-discovery.

Picture the Points of You tools and method as your co-pilots, consisting of photo cards, words, questions, and stories. Together, they form a compass steering you towards clarity, insight, and transformation.

Embarking on this journey with us means embarking on a flight of self-discovery. You’ll experience the power of pausing – a mindful break allowing you to shift from the busy frequencies of everyday life to a quieter, more introspective space.

As you soar higher, you’ll expand your horizons, exploring countless points of view. It’s like navigating through uncharted territories, uncovering new insights, opportunities, and “wow” moments along the way.

With focus, you’ll make conscious choices, honing in on the most significant insights revealed during your journey. Consider adjusting your course, ensuring you stay aligned with your proper direction.

Finally, you’ll transition from thought to action, creating a new reality. Together, we’ll draft an action plan or to-do list, outlining the necessary steps and setting a timetable for realising your insights.

As you ascend through the workshop’s interactive exercises, your communication skills will soar, helping you navigate complex discussions with ease and precision.

Fasten your English skills and get ready for takeoff. Your language adventure awaits with CELA’s General English Language Workshop.

With us, your proficiency takes flight, and the sky's the limit!

What Will You Learn?

  • explore new dimensions of language and personal development through the innovative Points of You method
  • get a clear view of your personal and professional aspirations, while you receive guidance in mapping your route to success.
  • navigate ambiguity, make decisions confidently, and communicate effectively through our workshop that fuels your ambitions by expanding your vocabulary, improving grammar, and honing your communication skills.


  • Learners in flight: students and language enthusiasts eager to excel in English.
  • Career adventurers: professionals seeking to enhance their communication and leadership skills.
  • Explorers of self: individuals on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.




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