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OET Preparation (25h)

25 hours

About Course

Chart your course to medical English proficiency! Prepare for the Occupational English Test (OET) and excel in your healthcare career!

The OET exam it is not just an alternative to IELTS; it’s a specialized examination tailored exclusively to the medical field. At C.E.L.A., we’ve cracked the code to OET success. Our training courses provide an insider’s perspective on the exam’s structure, ensuring you’re fully equipped to tackle its unique challenges. Our expert tutors are dedicated boosting your fluency, and sharpening your accuracy.

Through intensive practice and hands-on exercises, you’ll work exclusively on real test models. This approach ensures you become intimately familiar with the exam techniques, leaving you fully prepared to conquer the big day.

Course Highlights

  • Medical English vocabulary and scenarios
  • Practice with healthcare professionals
  • Exam-oriented lessons and mock tests
  • OET certification support
  • Group of 3-4 people

How things work: 

  • Step 1: Comprehensive initial test – assess your language proficiency
  • Step 2: The interview – to ensure you’re placed in the perfect course module that aligns with your individual needs
  • Step 3: Attend our courses – navigate through your learning journey with personalized study materials
  • Step 4: Progress monitoring
  • Step 5: receive a detailed report showcasing your accomplishments and areas for further development

Why choose to study General English with us

  • Experienced medical English instructors
  • Targeted OET content
  • Real-world medical scenarios
  • Career advancement opportunities

Key info:

Course type Enrolment Lessons Class size Learning resources

IELTS/CAE Preparation

Standard Pack, 15h

Anytime/ongoing 15h/3weeks (2 times/week) 3-4 students We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our learning resources are tailor-made to suit your specific needs and aspirations and included.

IELTS/CAE Preparation

Enhanced Pack, 25h


25h/4weeks (3 times/week)


Course Price  

IELTS/CAE Preparation

Standard Pack, 15h

£465 Book now

IELTS/CAE Preparation

Enhanced Pack, 25h

£749 Book now

IELTS/CAE Preparation

Private lessons

£60 Contact us

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