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Career guidance programme

5 hours

About Course

About The Course

Fuel your ambitions and reach for the skies: achieve your career dreams with CELA!

Get on our direct flight to career triumphs in English. With CELA, excellence is not just a destination; it’s the journey our in-house Career Consultant takes with you. Let’s take flight and reach new heights of English proficiency, propelling you to a future of endless possibilities and accomplishments.

At CELA, we believe that language learning is your passport to career excellence. Join our Career Guidance Programme and prepare to take flight towards your professional aspirations. Unleash your potential, accelerate your career, and rise above the rest with our programme.

Course highlights

  • career ascent assessments: just as a pilot performs pre-flight checks, we’ll assess your skills, strengths, and aspirations to determine your career ascent potential.
  • resume boosting: our experts will guide you to fine-tune your resume in order to ensure it soars above the competition, making a lasting impression on prospective employers.
  • elevated interview skills: with our interview coaching and mock interviews, you’ll sharpen your interview skills, ensuring a smooth landing with employers.
  • networking altitude: learn the art of professional networking, enabling you to reach new career altitudes and expand your horizons.
  • personal brand elevation: craft a personal brand that shines brightly in your chosen industry, setting you on a trajectory for career success.

How things work:

  • Step 1 – prepare for takeoff: our Career Guidance Programme is your launchpad to career success. Book your place and we’ll get in touch to schedule the qualification interview – to make sure that its structure and objectives align with your aspirations. Like a pilot readying for takeoff, we’ll equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to reach your professional destination.
  • Step 2 – personalized flight plan: with CELA’s experienced career counselors as your co-pilots, you’ll receive a personalized flight plan designed to help you navigate the career skies with confidence.
  • Clear skies ahead: we’ll provide you with a clear flight path, helping you avoid turbulence and guiding you toward your career goals.

Why choose to attend Career Guidance programme with us

  • Expert career counselor and interview coach
  • Proven track record of job placement and career growth
  • Tailored career development plans
  • Access to exclusive job opportunities

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Career Guidance

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