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From Zero to Hero in British English Pronunciation

20 hours

About Course

About The Course

Join our British Pronunciation course to refine your accent and speak English with precision

Course highlights

  • Pronunciation practice with native speakers
  • Real-life conversation simulations
  • Accent reduction techniques
  • Certificate of proficiency
  • Group of 3-4 people

How things work:

Step 1: The interview – we will assess and evaluate your current accent (find out what needs to be improved)

  • Step 2: Attend our courses – navigate through your learning journey with personalized study materials
  • Step 3: celebrate your language milestones with a certificate of participation

Why choose to study British Pronunciation with us

  • Native British instructors
  • Tailored accent improvement
  • Practical application in everyday speech
  • Clear and comprehensible communication
Key info:

British pronunciation

20 hours/6 weeks

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British pronunciation

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British pronunciation

Private lessons

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